Industrial chemicals are the backbone of the economy. They supply the raw materials and ingredients for manufacturing, textiles and dyes, packaging, coatings, perfumes, glass production, fertilizers and feed additives, paper, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and even the food we eat.

Because of their importance in making almost everything, selecting industrial chemical ingredients is a very difficult task. Sourcing poor quality chemicals can ruin the end product and damage brand value. Buying the wrong chemicals can be dangerous and buying chemical products at the wrong price can destroy profit margins.

So, take great care when looking for a suitable chemical distributor and always consider the following:


Pay close attention to the quality of products, taking into account even small details. Hidden impurities in chemical compounds can render them unsuitable for use and even potentially hazardous.

It is crucial to only source chemicals from suppliers who adhere to standardized guidelines for procuring and handling their products. This includes researching and verifying the manufacturer's compliance history with regulatory bodies such as the FDA.

Only shortlist companies that pass verification checks.


The reputation a company builds is a crucial asset to its success. To accurately gauge a chemical supplier’s standing in the sector, explore both their online and offline presence, including testimonials from customers. In today's digital age, online reviews serve as an excellent starting point for research.


One of the most effective ways to examine where a distributor is reputable is evident in the condition of their storage facilities. If visiting a warehouse in person is not possible, then photographs may still provide a valuable insight into the regulation, maintenance, and condition of the chemicals to be shipped.

By observing how they handle the most vulnerable and dangerous products, you can assess the overall performance and service delivery of the company. A well-organized warehouse is indicative of a reliable supplier.


Conducting a thorough price comparison on identical chemical products by different suppliers is a crucial step. It helps in understanding the current market rates, but also gives plenty of information on both the product and distributor.  

Extremely low prices for products may indicate compromised quality due to cost-cutting.

Additionally, it is necessary to check if the supplier offers discounts on bulk orders, which could be beneficial to both parties in the long run.


The chemical industry can be a cut-throat business sector. It is also a haven for unscrupulous businesses and ‘fly-by-night’ traders.

Cooperating with a company that has a long standing in the market is a clear sign of authenticity, trustworthiness, and reliability.


To avoid the high prevalence of fraudulent companies in the chemical manufacturing industry, it is essential to ensure you are dealing with a well-established and certified supplier. This authentication process involves confirming the legitimacy of the supplier by verifying their certification, such as ISO (International Standards), AEO (part of the World Customs Organization), GMP+ (for animal Feed Safety Assurance), or other relevant documents.

Opting to purchase chemicals from authorized and certified sellers is the best course of action to ensure quality and authenticity.


The essence of chemical distribution goes beyond the task of delivering the right ingredient for a formulation or project in a prompt and effective manner. It entails providing customers with guidance and expertise to aid them in their selection.

Chemical distributors with experience and knowledge who are eager to interact with customers and partners are a sign of a top-quality chemical distributor. A company which can be relied upon to offer advice and insights for getting an optimum final product.

The chemical industry features a diverse range of firms. This can be beneficial to consumers with a wide variety of suppliers competing to offer high-quality products at the lowest price. However, with so many options available many trap falls exist. While many companies are capable of providing adequate chemical supplies, there are a few exceptional options that stand out from the rest. Identifying these superior suppliers can be challenging but can be achieved by paying attention to key indicators.

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