The Czech government has recently announced the award of a grant worth more than €650,000 to the Czech raw material supplier AG CHEMI GROUP.

As a company statement made clear, “As part of the ‘Call to Innovation’ and Priority Axis PO-1 "Development of Research and Innovation", AG CHEMI GROUP has received a subsidy for the construction of a technological line based on a technology for the nanostructuring of polymers.” Adding that, “As a result of this investment, production of nanostructured polycarbonate will start by September 30th, 2022.”

The decision was made by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade (the managing authority of the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness).

But why has Ministry of Industry and Trade given such a significant sum of support to a business that is so well-established that it has been successfully trading since 1994?

The reason lies in nanotechnology.

The Czech Government and Nanotechnology

As the government Czech Invest explains, “Following decades of tradition in chemistry, electronics, textiles, and material science, the Czech Republic has transformed its economy to become one of the leaders in applied nanotechnology. As a global supplier in nanofiber production devices, electron microscopes, and monocrystalline materials, innovative Czech solutions in nanomedicine and new types of batteries have found their way onto today's market.”

Consequently, the Czech government has given a great deal of backing to nanotechnology, financially aiding numerous academic institutes with a focus on nanomaterials. Funding:

·       The CEITEC research centre with its newly constructed nanotech laboratories

·       The Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (RCPTM) in Olomouc

·       The Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies, and Innovation at the Technical University of Liberec (renowned for its patent for the industrial production of nanofibers products and advanced technologies for the medical and manufacturing industries)

·       The Nanotechnology Centre at the Technical University of Ostrava

·       While also founding of the Prague science and technology cluster (known as STAR).  

The Czech Nanotechnology Industry Association has a stated goal to ‘actively participate in economic diplomacy projects’ as well as to promote the Czech Republic as one of ‘the world’s incubators of nanotechnologies’.

Nanotechnology Investment and Manufacturing

However, alongside the theoretical studies and the laboratory work is the need for nanotechnology to influence industry.

To this end, the Czech government is also active in helping to coordinate this research with entrepreneurs and businesses involved in the production of nanomaterials. Making the Czech Republic home to more than 250 nanotechnology companies, exporting to more than 60 foreign territories, with a turnover of more than 1.7 billion Ck ($78 million).

AG CHEMI GROUP remains a key part of the link between nanotechnology research and its application in manufacturing. And it is for this reason that the government subsidy has been awarded.

For AG CHEMI GROUP, a supplier of raw materials for more than 27 years, is now in close cooperation with nanomaterial researchers across Europe and has developed a technology for the modification of plastic.

Nanotechnology and Plastic Modification

Primarily created for use in polycarbonate, this cutting-edge solution makes it possible to obtain better performance characteristics from polymers, such as a reduction in electrical resistance (either on the materials surface or throughout its whole volume).

It is a versatile technology, which can be used to add other properties to plastic, such as significantly improved mechanical properties, resistance to UV radiation, anti-bactericidal properties, and reduced flammability.

Czechia, Investment, and Nanotechnology

The Czech Republic has always been a land of innovation and industry. For example, the first patented machine for the industrial production of nanofibres was made in the Czech Republic.

With this recent investment announcement, the Czech government is putting its faith in AG CHEMI GROUP and its innovative team. Giving it the chance to deliver success in the growing market of nanotechnology.

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Photo credit: NANO CHEMI GROUP, Arshad Pooloo on Unsplash, CDC, ar130405 from Pixabay, & NANO CHEMI GROUP