Choosing where to invest money is never easy.

Trying to find a low-risk home for your savings, yet still maintaining a decent return can be a long, hard search.

One common route to investing money is to look at new technologies; untapped parts of the economy or new markets which will surpass regular investment tools, such as stocks and shares or investment in gold.

Everyone wishes that they had invested in technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon before the Internet became what it is today. Likewise, cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin traded for mere pennies just over a decade ago.

But while the golden age of investing in these markets may have already passed, the opportunity to invest in nanotechnology is still very inviting.

Why are nanomaterials so important?

Nanoparticles typically measure only 10,000th of the thickness of a human hair. At that small scale, materials behave very differently to how they do at the macroscale. They can also have very different properties which they can apply to other materials.

“As a simple example,” explains the business journal Forbes, “silk feels incredibly soft and delicate to the touch, but if you look at it at a nano-level, you’ll see it’s made up of molecules aligned in cross-links, and this is what makes silk so strong. We can then use knowledge like this to manipulate other materials at a nano-level, to create super-strong, state-of-the-art materials like Kevlar.”

“This is where the technology bit of nanotechnology comes in,” the journal adds, “using our knowledge of materials at a nano-level to create exciting new solutions and products.”

This has enabled nanomaterial scientists to develop coatings that make tennis ball bounce higher for longer and nanocomposites which make stronger tennis racquets. Nanomaterials can be woven into fabric to make clothing more durable or waterproof. They are added to sunscreen for a more effective UV block. They can be sprayed onto upholstery to increase stain resistance or to reduce flammability.

Nanomaterials are also used in paints, plastics, adhesives, medicine, and electronics. Yet this list is still the tip of the iceberg of where nanomaterials are being applied, as researchers are consistently making breakthroughs. And not just theoretical discoveries, but real-world applications for substances that can be used in manufacturing everyday products.    

Why is now a good time to invest in nanomaterials?

As the list of products and industries which use nanomaterials continues to grow, demand for these nano-scale raw materials is also growing. At present, production, supply, and (significantly) design of nanomaterials is struggling to keep pace with consumer needs. This is creating an opportunity for investors to fund ‘bricks and mortar’ projects which are developing nanotechnologies for sale to manufacturers everywhere.

It is the chance to invest in an industrial sector which is already in high demand, but for which the full potential has yet to be realised.

How to invest in nanotechnology?

AG CHEMI GROUP has been successfully supplying industrial raw materials to manufacturers of rubber, electronics, plastic, agricultural products, and other sectors for more than 30 years, but now the company is branching into nanotechnologies.  

While initial funding has already been successful in starting construction of a NANO RESEARCH CENTRE (with more than €650,000 received in an EU grant) the company is now selling bonds to further improve its expansion possibilities.

AG CHEMI GROUP (who host this website) is also in close contact with nanomaterial researchers who are based in universities across Europe, as well as its extensive raw material customer-base. Combining these factors has the company well-placed to take advantage of the surge in demand for nanotechnology in manufacturing, with patents already pending on nanoparticle suspensions in plastic.

Corporate Bonds

Investors who want to take part in the development of the raw materials of tomorrow, can now purchase corporate bonds in AG CHEMI GROUP.

While the long-term gains are likely to be significant for the company, the short-term returns are also notable, with company bonds available that offer returns at 6.8% p.a. payable in monthly instalments.

With investment sums starting from as little as 10,000 Ck, it is easy to start investing. You can also work out your returns with this simple online calculator.  

To learn more about the company, its products, and its plans for the future, visit AG CHEMI GROUP or contact us at

Photo credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay, ar130405, Arek Socha, pictavio, timothy green, & Nur Andi Ravsanjani Gusma