Potassium hydroxide or KOH is well known as a versatile cleaning agent. However, the power of this basic industrial chemical goes way beyond keeping the kitchen clean.

With a wide variety of applications in industries as diverse as chemicals, farming, food processing, manufacturing, cosmetics, and countless other niche sectors, here are some of many uses for potassium hydroxide:

KOH in Agriculture

·       Potassium hydroxide is used to adjust and regulate the pH of soil.

·       KOH is used to produce fertilizers by supplying potassium (one of the major plant foods) to crops, especially to those crops which cannot tolerate chloride ions.

·       It detoxifies glycerine so that it can be used in animal feed.

·       It is also used in herbicides and fungicides, as a mixture of phosphorous acid (a non-pesticide compound) and KOH can be regularly sprayed for pest and disease prevention. On a practical level, crops that are treated this way will have almost no pesticide residue on them.

·       In fact, KOH is even used when washing fruit before they are sold or stored.

KOH in the Chemical Industry

·       Potassium hydroxide is used to make several different potassium chemicals, such as bromate, bromide, potassium aluminate, laurate, formate, gluconate, etc.

·       KOH is used to adjust the pH of chemical solutions.

·       It also promotes drying, and so is used as a desiccant to remove the water from basic solvents, especially amines and pyridines.

·       In the refining of petroleum and natural gas, KOH helps remove organic acids and sulphur compounds.

·       Additionally, potassium hydroxide works as a catalyst in the production of biodiesel from fats and oils.

·       Carbon dioxide (CO2), sulphur trioxide (SO3), and nitrogen trioxide (NO3) found in gas streams are absorbed with the help of KOH.

·       It is a useful agent in chemical analysis, for example in the titration of acids (helping to determine a level of concentration).

KOH in Cosmetics

·       Potassium hydroxide is used to make manicure products as it helps clean nails and dissolve cuticles.

·       It is used in shaving products as it aids hair removal.

·       KOH is also a raw material in the production of lotions, shampoos, hairsprays, and other cosmetics.

KOH in the Food Industry

·       Potassium hydroxide is used to soften olives.

·       KOH is a common food additive and is used to make soft drinks, chocolate, and cocoa. Among other properties, it acts as a thickener and stabilizer in foods such as ice cream.

·       KOH also helps to make crispier baked goods, such as pretzels.

·       It can be added to food as a preservative.

·       It is used to produce the colour caramel.

·       KOH is used for washing and the chemical peeling of fruit and vegetables.

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Photo credit: Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels, Tom Fisk, Mark Stebnicki, Harry Cunningham, Hilary Halliwell, & AG CHEMI GROUP