With bank interest rates currently so low, any money being kept in a savings account at a high street bank is effectively losing its value.

Even though inflation is only 1.5 to 2.5%, most banks are typically offering only 1% or less for looking after your money. This means, that by keeping your savings in the bank you are able to buy less and less with it each year.

It is a situation that is driving many savers to take more and more risk, as they search for a way that their money can grow or at least be worth the same each year.

Doing so often means dealing with fluctuating stock markets, paying money brokers or investment account fees, or struggling to understand complex investment instruments, such as futures and share options.

Fortunately, there is now a simpler and more direct way to invest: buying corporate bonds.

Straightforward Investing

Corporate bonds are an easy way to invest directly in any company that provides them and works very much like a loan from a private individual to a company which uses the funds to develop its business.

In return, the company offers regular payments with interest rates that are much higher than can typically be found in a regular savings account. Rates of return vary from company to company, but current rates are usually around 6 or 7% per annum which is paid in regular instalments. Once the bond matures (usually 3-5 years from the purchase date) the full investment sum is returned to the individual.

The advantages of corporate bonds are clear and double edged. For the investor, the interest rate is predetermined and guaranteed, as it is set when buying the bond. The purchase also carries no fees, and no financial advisor is required.

Meanwhile, the company that is selling the bond gets a boost in funding to develop a specific product, expand into a new market, or establish new production facilities.

Corporate bonds are a simple and direct way to invest your savings. They offer a low-risk option to keep your money safe in a ‘bricks and mortar’ business, while still providing regular monthly or annual returns.

Where to Invest?

Recent events have taught all of us about the importance of health and how valuable products that treat or prevent disease and infection can be.

The Czech company AG CHEMI GROUP is one company that has recently been involved in the development of nanotechnology. Its focus on finding solutions for industrial manufacturers, so that they can apply nanomaterials effectively to improve their products.

To partially finance these activities, AG CHEMI GROUP has decided to use the form of publicly available bonds, whose interest is paid even monthly.

A Unique Technology against Viruses and Bacteria

One area of great potential for AG CHEMI GROUP is the development of silver nanomaterials with antibacterial properties. By applying these nanoadditives to a fabric, the material can kill bacteria on contact. This can then be used to produce effective face masks, hospital gowns, and protective suits.

AG CHEMI GROUP is now cooperating with a manufacturer of polypropylene fabrics which have been shown as effective against viral penetration as well as other aerosol contaminants and pathogens.  

Tests have already shown how a PP fabric sample with a ‘spunbond / meltblown / spunbond construction’ (ideal for use in anti-epidemiological suits) can be a preventative barrier against influenza type A, (H1N1) strain A / FM / 1/47 during filtration tests that lasted for 40 minutes.

In secondary testing, an aerosol was applied to the surface of the fabric in a way that allowed the liquid to be partially absorbed into that fabric. Despite being left in contact with the fabric sample for 1 hour at room temperature the liquid did not pass through.

The two companies are now working to combine the bacteria killing effect of the nano silver suspension with the virus blocking properties of the PP fabric to create a cloth that would be both antibacterial and antiviral.

Video: AG CHEMI GROUP. Fabric presentation.

Further Development of Nanotechnology and Material Science

Scientific progress in this field, combined with its financial success has shown the market potential for cutting-edge technologies and raw materials with practical uses.

To partially finance these activities, the company has decided to use publicly sell corporate bonds with monthly interest payments.


Established in 1994, the company (which sponsors this webpage) has been engaged in the supply and processing of chemical raw materials to global markets for more than 25 years. As these markets have developed, so have the products that the company has traded in.

Today, AG CHEMI GROUP is now focused on the development of nanotechnologies and their application in industry and has been cooperating with industrial manufacturers in this field for over 5 years.

During this time, they have significantly improved the quality of industrial raw materials through the application of nanotechnologies. Doing so provides these products useful properties such as conductivity, resistance, durability, or antibacterial and antiviral qualities.

These technologies their application can not only improve the quality of raw material produced but can also save companies money through more efficient production methods, reduced labour costs, or energy savings.

These clear advantages have already been taken up by clients who have used AG CHEMI GROUP’s nanotechnology for the production of industrial flooring, composite materials, and specialised plastic components.

Each successful product development has gained the company invaluable experience and has helped to expand the company’s shared knowledge and expert team. Today, AG CHEMI GROUP's partners include research institutes in the Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, and Ukraine. The company already has patents pending on two nanotechnology processes of the modification of polymers with nanoparticles and has received a grant from the EU for €650,000. This funding is being put towards the construction of its own €1.3 million research centre - designed specifically for the development of nanotechnologies for use in industry.

Other funding will be acquired from private investors and through the sale of corporate bonds which are now publicly available.

To find out exactly how much your investment sum will return to you each month, you can use the handy online investment calculator.

To learn more about investments with guaranteed monthly returns from nanotechnology in industrial raw materials, visit: AG CHEMI GROUP.

Photo credit: Mufid Majnun on Unsplash and AG CHEMI GROUP